How to buy a simpler bong or pipe

How to buy a simpler bong or pipe

If you are considering buying a bong or a simpler pipe, we recommend that you take a look at our catalogue, where you can find all kinds of articles of this type. You can choose from many different kinds depending on their size, their colour and even the material you like best.

If you want to know what types of bongs there are and even the origin of the bongs, we recommend this fantastic article that tells you everything: Bongs What are they and how do they work?

At Naturaleza Grow we like to offer our customers the best possible service, and that is why we have worked hard over the past few months to be able to offer a wide range of pipes and bong to our dear customers. We are totally sure that you will be able to find a product that suits your tastes and needs within our catalogue.

Not only this, but our prices are crazy, you can buy the item that rocks you the most at an outrageous price that almost certainly you will not find improved anywhere.

We have for sale different types of pipes, both for the materials in which they are manufactured and for their shapes to size, that’s why we are so sure that you will be able to find something that goes with you.

Among our most outstanding pipes, you will find the Amuzed, a classic, small-sized pipe (8 cm) that plays an excellent role. Using it you will get the smoke from each puff much cooler and free of tars. This is because inside it has a circuit in the form of a maze through which the smoke circulates before reaching our mouth. Without a doubt, it is one of the star products as far as pipes are concerned, it has been manufactured since before 2000 and even so it continues to sell very easily, an ideal option!

Sales of pipes for BHO:

Sales of pipes for BHO:

If you want to buy a pipe for BHO, this is the best place to do so. We have top quality borosilicate glass models so that you can enjoy pleasant moments while savouring and experiencing the essence of this substance to the full. We have a 14 mm and an 18 mm model, both of which include a titanium nail of the best quality that we can assure you will not leave you indifferent. With these pipes you will enjoy each puff in a pure and unadulterated way.

You can also find in our catalogue Splif Stick pipes. These models are designed for you to attach to your already rolled pipe, so that when you attach it and smoke, the smoke that comes out of the joint will go through the pipe, which has a filtering and cooling system in the shape of a maze to achieve colder and purer draughts.

Sale of bongs: 

If you’re looking to buy a bong, you’ve certainly chosen the best place on the net. In Naturaleza Grow we offer a huge variety of these water pipes so you can choose in different sizes and materials according to the one that best suits you and your needs or budget. Best of all, we like to put the prices as low as possible so that all our customers can enjoy the opportunity to acquire a magnificent bong and enjoy it to the fullest.

Our newest and most recent addition to our catalogue is the silicone bongs, which are being sold at crazy prices. These articles are the ideal option for lovers of water pipes, since a great classic inconvenience is the difficulty of transporting them, since they are very fragile and easy to break. This problem is over with the silicone bongs, you can take it with you on all your trips or to a friend’s house inside your backpack with all the peace of mind that they are practically indestructible. They are made of food grade silicone so don’t worry because they don’t release any harmful substances.

Another option very appreciated by consumers is the purchase of a plastic bong. These models are very resistant and most of them are transparent so you will be able to see the inside without any problem to know when to clean it or simply for the pleasure of seeing the smoke circulating inside.

Without a doubt, the queen category and the one in which we move the most in Naturaleza Grow are the borosilicate glass bong. These items are of unbeatable quality and manage to give great experiences to the most passionate bongo lovers. Thanks to the material with which they are made (the same one used to make laboratory parts), they do not alter the taste of marijuana in the least. They are very resistant to breakage despite being made of glass, due to their thickness and the enormous resistance that Boron and Silicon give them.

Within the glass bongs section we have a wide variety of both sizes and filtering systems. The most professional ones are undoubtedly those that include the percolator, an additional filtering system through which the smoke passes, improving the cooling and the retention of harmful particles.

Depending on whether you smoke yerba mate or are more accustomed to smoking BHO, we have different models designed especially for smoking one material or another, and for those who like to combine we have mixed bongs of excellent performance with which you can change the bowl and put a nail to enjoy the oil.

In short, if what you like is smoking top quality water pipes you have come to the right place, in Naturaleza Grow we work with the best manufacturers of bongs so that both your purchases and our sales are fully satisfactory.

Accessories and spare parts for bongs: 

We all know that these devices for smoking are quite delicate and more than one of us has broken the bowl once or twice, we have lost it, etc (here play the great role of silicone bongs). For this reason we have decided in Naturaleza Grow to make available to our customers all kinds of spare parts, so when you have a mistake you will not have to stop using your pipe or bong or buy another one, just visit us and look for a spare part.

Accessories for BHO pipes: 

If you don’t find the part you need on the website, remember that we are always at your disposal and that’s why you can call us on the customer service line to tell us what you need, don’t be afraid! If you prefer you can tell us your doubts by Whatsapp, Nature Grow always at your disposal.

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