How to consume legal cannabis

How to consume legal cannabis

The consumption of legal cannabis  is a phenomenon that has spread enormously in recent years. In this way, a farmer who cultivates this product and remains within the limits, which cannot go beyond 0.6% of Thc, has no legal responsibility and does not require special authorizations. Thanks to what, therefore, could be a start towards the legalization of marijuana, hemp-based food and cosmetic products have increased more and more.However, there remains the erroneous belief that legal weed can be smoked. This information, however, is not true, because although this product has been available for a few months in many Italian tobacconists, it cannot be smoked. 

Consuming legal cannabis, what the law requires

By many, the current legislation regarding the use of legal cannabis has been described as incomplete, a facade law that has not actually solved the problem of illegal marijuana use. This is because, although legal cannabis is on the market, it cannot be smoked. According to our local law, in fact, it should be used to create foods such as oil, bread, biscuits, pasta and so on.  It is also used to create clothing, hemp fibers are very resistant and therefore also useful in green building. In the law, however, there is no mention of recreational use, the one with which consumption by a person is meant, this does not therefore mean that it prohibits it, but smoking weed is still prohibited by all the other rules of character. health in effect today.

Legal cannabis and the police: what can happen during a checkup

Although, as we said, buying legal cannabis today is possible in Italy, you still have to be careful if you are stopped by the police. This is because, if you do not have a receipt, for example, you cannot prove at the moment that it is cannabis purchased in a tobacconist and therefore it could be seized just to verify that it is legal weed. After purchase, it is best to keep it sealed until you get home.

Cannabis for therapeutic use, the difference with the legal one

There is also a widespread misconception that using legal cannabis is the same thing as medical cannabis, which is not true. This is because medical cannabis is sold only and exclusively in pharmacies with a medical prescription. It contains a higher level of Thc ranging from 5 to 8% and is produced only in the military pharmaceutical chemical plant in Florence. It is, therefore, impossible to find it elsewhere, such as a tobacconist where, instead, you can buy legal cannabis.

Although the law n.242 of 2016 does not talk about the recreational use of this product, there are still several ways to consume legal cannabis, avoiding the harmfulness of combustion. First of all, vaporization, a much healthier system that allows you to assimilate the herb without the problems associated with smoking, will even offer more intense flavors.

Another system is to cook legal cannabis dishes, desserts, cookies and even pasta sauces. Then there is the ‘topical use, or creams or oils based on Cannabis, a method used to solve problems related to the skin, for example. These are systems that can also be used with illegal cannabis, but are also useful for those who have decided to take legal cannabis, without going through smoking.

However, for many adepts of legal cannabis, Law 242 presents several legislative gaps that do not allow to overcome the spread of illegal cannabis. Not contemplating recreational use in any way creates great confusion, but above all it could push, especially the little ones, to continue to prefer the illegal one that has a stronger THC and is more easily available. It is widely believed that many steps still need to be made to fully legalize cannabis.

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