Ways to press your marijuana to smoke it in a pipe

Ways to press your marijuana to smoke it in a pipe

Pressing your marijuana to smoke it in a pipe seems like a simple matter. However, amazing or not, there are a few ways to do it.

What’s to be done?

The pipe bowl is to be filled with tobacco or other plants that can be smoked. So far, everyone agrees. How much tobacco and how much cannabis can be a topic of discussion but the pipe, if possible, only with weed.

Depending on the type of pipe you handle, that part of the pipe may be larger or smaller. There are giant pipes that have the giant bowl, others not so much. Depending on the size, as you might expect, you will have to place the cannabis in different ways. Whatever the size, the general idea is that the pipe should be loaded as much as possible to keep the oxygen out. When you puff, ideally you should inhale the cannabis smoke and not let in any air that will spoil the experience.

Ways to press your marijuana to smoke it in a pipe

Now, how do we achieve that compaction? The usual method is with a grinder that will chop the cannabis as you would chop pipe tobacco. The uniformity and efficiency of the product chopped by the grinder is the necessary point to fill the pipe properly. This is why we use grinders and not so much hands to grind the bud. Their advantage is their biggest flaw: by packing the cannabis so well one inhales pure cannabis smoke. Perhaps you’d rather have a little oxygen mixed in.

Obviously, if you don’t like the pipe to be so loaded, you can clear it with your hands and then press that much weed into the pipe with your thumbs. The result is not the same as if you use a grinder in terms of smoke strength but maybe that is what you are looking for.

Some people prefer to smoke the bud without even clearing it. Roughly speaking, pull out part of the bud (or the whole bud) and place it in the pipe bowl. Does this have any advantage? Well, you don’t destroy the trichomes and they retain their taste and some of their psychoactive properties better.

Whatever you choose, try to cover the top of the bowl as much as possible so that, as we said, you get the best amount of air in. However, be careful because something must happen, otherwise the flame will be extinguished.

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