Main tips on how to prevent a bad marijuana trip

Main tips on how to prevent a bad marijuana trip

Every marijuana user collects memorable episodes with the weed. And, like everything in life, what always marks us is not only positive. It is common that even the most potheaded head has ever gone through a marijuana bad trip situation. That strange, uncomfortable experience that generates sensations quite different from the relaxation and well-being that Cannabis usually causes.

It turns out that there is no way to know when a bad marijuana trip is going to happen or to know exactly why it happens. However, it is possible to find ways to prevent bad trip and thus avoid those unwanted moments with the plant that rarely happen, but that can mark a user’s life.

Why do they happen and what causes bad marijuana trips?

A “bad trip” can occur because of numerous factors, ranging from the quality and quantity of the herb to subjective issues, such as a genetic predisposition or even a harmful environment. The health of the user at that time, both physical and psychological, is also preponderant.

Among the most common effects of a marijuana bad trip are bouts of anxiety and paranoia, sweating (excessive sweating), tachycardia (when the heart gets too fast), nausea, and in cases of low blood pressure, even fainting. But nothing to panic: in the vast majority of cases, the “bad trip” does not usually last long, only while the psychoactive effect of marijuana acts, and it also leaves no serious sequelae.

What to do when entering a wrong wave?

Bad trips usually happen out of nowhere, without notice. So, you cannot predict when and if you will have one. But, as we said before, they are usually quick. So the thing is to stay calm, take a deep breath and remember that the bad wave has passed. Calling a friend is important; sitting and drinking water also helps a lot. If the pressure is dropping, that little salt under the tongue can save!

Ah! There is also a tip from Neil Young, who told presenter Howard Stern that chewing two or three little black pepper balls is a powerful antidote against “bad trip”. Who knows!

Now, if the symptoms persist for a long time or leave some worrying consequences, it is important to see a doctor to investigate what may have happened. Therefore, the coolest thing, always, is to think about harm reduction. More than planning for how to act, the canny stoner cares about how to avoid the wrong wave.

5 tips to avoid a bad marijuana trip

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1 – If you are going to eat, be careful with the dosage

Many stoners have already given “PT” eating brigadeironha and other sweets. Afraid not to hit, it is common to put too much brenfa in the preparation and / or eat more than necessary. When it hits, everything comes at once and it may not be cool, either for the stomach or the head, causing vomiting, nausea and a lot of paranoia. Will you make edibles? So, be careful with the dosage.

It is best to learn how to do it correctly, and for that we offer the Cannabic Cooking Course. Start by downloading our free e-book.

2 – Are you sitting? Don’t get up fast!

Everyone has had a “black roof” in their lives, stoned with marijuana or not. It is common to have them when we are sitting, especially on the floor, and we get up quickly. The blood goes up at once to the head, everything is cloudy and it looks like we’re going to pass out – when we don’t pass out at all. If you have low blood pressure and are smoking marijuana, then the chances of this unpleasant phenomenon happening are enormous. Avoid: get up slowly.

3 – Drink water, always

A golden rule for the use of any psychoactive substance. Even more in the case of marijuana, which makes the mouth extremely dry, keeping yourself periodically hydrated is very important. Keep your bottle close, always drink water and be the nice guy who offers it to friends at the wheel.

4 – Why press so much, man?

There is a crowd that looks like it will explode when it hits “balls”. The veins in the temple swell, the eyes bulge. It’s obvious that you don’t do well and that the chances of you falling backwards, without air, increase. What for, man? You have no need, unless you want to increase the likelihood of dizziness or fainting. Smoke well, go.

5 – Do you have low blood pressure? Load your salt

Smoking marijuana lowers your pressure. If you are a stoner and your blood pressure is already lower than normal (12 by 8), it is very wise to carry a sachet of salt in your wallet or purse. Did you hit that strange dizziness, did you feel the “black ceiling” approaching? Wet the tip of the little finger, touch the salt and rub it under the tongue. You can save yourself.

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