Items needed to grow marijuana at home

Items needed to grow marijuana at home

Growing marijuana, no matter what the purpose, requires certain equipment to obtain the best possible results. And in this we can find a wide range of products.

From cultivation kits to the best seeds for sowing, the most important thing when acquiring the goods is to have professional people who offer you quality products and constant advice. In this way it is possible to minimize the risk of losing a crop.

Start with a cultivation kit

If you’re just starting out in the world of home marijuana production, the easiest and most practical way to get started is to purchase a Grow Kit. It is a quick, practical and economical way to introduce us to this world. The kits come pre-configured and if we have no experience this will be of great help, as we avoid the problems we might have in making the configuration ourselves without knowing the product in depth.

You could make a general categorization of these kits in basic, medium or medium and complete, although each Grow Shop Online uses its own names, but basically depends on the number of components, the size of the growing cabinet and the plants it contains. Depending on the parameters of cabinet size and number of plants is calculated the power of the focus to install, being the 600w Kit the most demanded together with the cabinets of 120x120x200cm

A basic growing kit usually includes the essential elements such as a growing cabinet, lighting, anchoring systems for the spotlight, even connecting cables and seeds. Surely, if you have already dedicated yourself to the cultivation, with these packs you avoid buying certain components that you have.

With a medium kit you can buy more elements for the cabinet, besides those included in a basic pack, we can get very important accessories, such as extractors, pots, even a mini microscope.

Finally, we can find other superior or more complete kits, full of tools and components for the culture. These are packs that include fertilizers, growth and flowering stimulants, along with tools such as thermohygrometers, pH meters, watering cans, gloves and all the components you may need for your crop.

What a good growing kit should contain

What a good growing kit should contain

In the market you will find from the simplest and cheapest cultivation kits to the highest quality and highest prices, the choice of one or the other will depend mainly on investment capacity. To components of higher quality more possibilities to optimize the culture and to obtain a healthier and bigger harvest, but it is necessary to emphasize that the simple equipment is more and more achieved and with them we can also obtain a very good yield, considering that in the culture, besides the quality of the used material influences many other factors.

Generally, the most basic ones are aimed at people who already have some of the components needed to produce cannabis. That is, they already have, for example, the pots, the programmers and the fertilizers needed to start the sowing.

To show you an example of the great functionality of the cultivation kits, we are going to detail a mid-high range configuration showing you some of the main necessary elements that will allow you to start immediately the planting of your marijuana garden at home.

The main thing a kit must have is a good grower cabinet. These vary in size and manufacturing materials. For our kit it would be advisable to have a cabinet of material as opaque and reflective as possible to take full advantage of the light projected by the focus.

We have to choose the size of the cabinet depending on our available space and the number of plants we want to grow

With regard to the bulb, the most recommendable is high pressure sodium (HPS) with mixed characteristics (suitable for the growth and flowering phases), although if we prefer it we can also use specific lamps in each phase.  In growth phase we would use metal halides and in flowering phase specific sodium. Some of the most recommended SHP lamps for indoor growing are the Supernova Full Spectrum +PAR and the Sylvania Grolux.

To complement the bulb and configure the optimal lighting kit, we also recommend the use of an electronic ballast and a cooltube or Azerwing reflector, with which we will provide our lighting equipment with greater performance than if we used standard reflectors and magnetic ballasts. Although it is obvious to remember it, it is necessary to say that the kit must also include the cables for the connections and the hooks or pulleys to place the spotlights.

How to maintain the best environment in the plants

In order to keep the plants healthy and to allow them to develop in optimal conditions, extractors must be available to help control the temperature and humidity and to generate a current of air in the cabinet, thus extracting the stale and hot air from the inside to the outside

Our kit must have an inlet fan or intractor that introduces fresh air from the outside through a lower opening in the cabinet and an outlet fan that takes hot and stale air out through an opening in the upper part. The flow rate of these devices must be calculated according to the size of the cabinet and the power of the lighting. When we acquire a cultivation kit we avoid this calculation because they come configured with the necessary equipment. With this ventilation system we will contribute to maintain the temperature and we will renew the air of our culture constantly.

For the nutrition of our plants we will need products for both growth and flowering.  In addition, we can use root stimulators, flowering enhancers or phytosanitary products to keep our plants healthy.

One of the most widely used organic insecticides is diatomaceous earth. We can find it easily and it prevents us from numerous plagues

Other elements of the kit, such as gloves for harvesting and manicure, syringes used to load fertilizers and insecticides, watering cans, sprayers or identification labels, have a very low economic cost, but they are really very useful and complete the list of tools and accessories needed, avoiding that we have to go out to the street to find something that later we will end up needing.

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