Growroom: How to set up your growing space

Growroom: How to set up your growing space

The first step to start your indoor Indoor marijuana cultivation without a doubt is choosing the space as we obviously cannot start without it.

Many first-time growers find that starting their own growroom is a very difficult, complicated and time-consuming process, but that is not the reality.

The first thing I would like to tell you is that you don’t need a professional greenhouse to start: Anywhere with access to water and fresh air will do: A closet, a garage, an empty room, a basement, an attic or even a greenhouse grow.

Knowing this, there are a few things you should take into account when choosing your space:

Think of the size of everything together

When designing the space, you should think about not only the size of your plants, but also the space for lights, fans, cables and other equipment, in addition to leaving space for you to handle the grass when necessary. Remembering that you can control the size of your plants through the light cycle. If you want, you can choose to start the flowering phase earlier than recommended so that they become smaller and save space.

The space must be light-proof

A crucial criterion when choosing your space. You can use tarpaulins or other devices to make your space light-proof, but do it carefully and make sure that there is no light coming in during the periods when the lamps will be off. Light inputs during periods when the herb was supposed to be completely in the dark can stress the plant and increase the chance of it producing male flowers.

The temperature of the place is also important

If the chosen space is already very hot or very humid, you may have lower than expected yields if you ignore and do not control these variables. Choosing a dry area with constant access to fresh air is of paramount importance.

Cabinets, basements and attics are preferred by several growers. Although they are usually appropriate places, remember to check the ventilation and humidity of the place. If the chosen location has molds or fungi on the walls, this means that the humidity is high there and the environment is conducive to the growth of microorganisms that can attack your plants in the future.


It is necessary to monitor Cannabis plants every day, especially beginners, to make sure everything is going well. If the chosen location is not easily accessible, this monitoring can be impaired, as well as the plants.


As much as they know their neighborhood, nobody wants to spread the word that there is a grow at home. Try to find a place where the noise of the fans cannot be perceived by nosy neighbors or even thieves behind your precious plants. Regarding the smell, we will see later that we can use some devices so that the cannabis odor does not spread throughout the house.

In short, you will need a place with the following characteristics:

  • Airy
  • Easy to access
  • Hidden from unwanted visitors
  • That does not enter daylight (Or that you can close with tarps)
  • An acceptable size to fit your plants and equipment.

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