Tips for germinating marijuana seeds in soil

Tips for germinating marijuana seeds in soil

As you know, here you will know how to germinate marijuana seeds in soil. But there have always been a lot of ways to germinate marijuana seeds and if you have read any of the blog posts you will have discovered many ways to achieve that goal, but if not I will show you the different ways to grow marijuana, as they are:

And many more ways to grow marijuana, but today what I’m going to tell you is some tips for germinating marijuana seeds in soil.

How do you grow a marijuana seed in soil?

This is the path that more people take when it comes to growing marijuana seeds in soil, but before you start you have to know a couple of very important things:

  1. Controlling the pH of the water and the soil
  2. Having everything you need before you start
  3. Knowing if planting the seed will benefit the climate
  4. And finally, to know the characteristics of your seed

It may seem like a lot, but that’s why you’re here, to find out tips to help you in the process. When it comes to controlling the pH of water and soil. You need a PH measurement kit, you can buy them in several places so it’s not a problem.

After having the first thing ready, you have to have with you a variety of fertilizers and manures that will serve you both for the soil and for the seed.

You have to know where you live and if the month you are going to be cold. Or on the contrary, it will be hot, and if your seed can stand this weather. In that I can not help you, because there are so many different types of climates, each garden is a world.

After all this, you have to be sure that the seed you plant is feminized, auto-flowering, medicinal or regular. That’s easy enough to know when you buy the seed in your grow of confidence. Being able to tell if the seed is sativa, indica or a hybrid. Since they will inform you of everything.

Some tips to improve the production

Some tips to improve the production

Depending on what materials you have bought there will always be some of better quality, on the side of fertilizers, stimulants and enzymes. A tip for improving production is, if you can afford it, don’t be a racanus and invest in the plantation because you will see the results later on in the plants.

Do not plant the seed too deep, a small hole of 5 mm is enough.

If you can plant in mother earth, as they generally give better results. And finally if you plant it outdoors and have plants nearby that can take away sunlight. The best thing is to prune those shrubs so that your plant grows big and healthy.

This advice is my personal point of view, if that seed is destined to be in the street, I would choose an autoflowering seed because of its ideal characteristics to be outdoors.

I hope I have helped you or clarified some doubts and that you can take some advantage of it. If you are more curious you can always see other posts like How to germinate marijuana seeds in water.

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