Blue Dream, patients favorite marijuana strain

Blue Dream, patients favorite marijuana strain

Do you imagine what a blue dream is like? Or have you had the opportunity to try one? Blue Dream, a blue dream in English, is a dominant slightly sativa marijuana strain (60% sativa / 40% indica) that came from the cross between the super popular Blueberry X Haze strains.

With a high THC content (17 to 24%, on average), Blue Dream offers a good balance between body relaxation and a mild brain stimulation. Because of this, Blue Dream is a genetics popularly consumed during the day and found in most of the dispensaries where the plant is already legalized.

Because it is a marijuana strain famous for “making no mistake”, due to the presence of other cannabinoids, Blue Dream ended up becoming one of the favorite varieties among medical cannabis patients, and it will certainly continue to grow in popularity in the coming years due precisely for pleasing different audiences and therefore being highly sought after. 

Strain and characteristics

Also known as Blueberry Haze or Azure Haze, due to the crossing, Blue Dream has a high THC content, reaching up to 24%. Its sweet, floral aroma of blueberry (blueberry) with a touch of sandalwood mixed with the citrus aroma of the Haze strains is long lasting and lingers in the mouth long after the smoke is gone.

Its buds are large, long and dense, with shades of blue and amber and milky and white trichomes. Created by DJ Short, the cross between his Blueberry F5 and Santa Cruz Haze, a derivative of the Super SIlver Haze.

On the effects, being a hybrid, Blue Dream offers the best of both worlds: the breeze starts with a powerful brain stimulus that generates motivation and focus and comes in waves of creative energy, followed by a soft and relaxing effect that numbs and anesthetizes the pain.

How to plant the Blue Dream marijuana strain

If you want to have a chance to try Blue Dream, the first step is to learn how to grow marijuana. With relatively easy cultivation difficulties, the flowering time for indoor grow is about 10 weeks or from the end of September to the beginning of October for outdoor crops and the yield is high, with around 21 ounces per plant. They are not so high, they grow more like indicas, promoting more inclined effects for sativa. 

Blue Dream is highly sought after for medical consumption

In addition to aroma and flavor, Blue Dream is a strain that has high levels of CBD and CBN that hit 2% and 1%, respectively, offering rapid relief of symptoms without heavy sedative effects. That is why Blue Dream has become so popular with medical cannabis patients in recent years.

Those who consume it as a medicine for daytime use find help in combating pain, depression, chronic stress, nausea, sleep disorders and other diseases that require a high concentration of THC. In the medical literature available on the strain it is found that those who suffer from anxiety disorders should not consume this variety, as it can stimulate pre-existing conditions.

However, because it is super potent, it has beneficial effects for patients suffering from chronic fatigue, depression and poor appetite. As it is a stimulant in its essence, it will undoubtedly contribute to elevate the mood and will put the body in motion. It is also recommended for mild cases of muscle spasms and chronic pain.

History of genetics

The Blue Dream marijuana strain emerged in the early 2000s on the medical cannabis scene in Santa Cruz, Northern California, and has since exploded in all U.S. medical and recreational marijuana markets, becoming one of the most popular strains available.

Genetics was recently recreated by DJ Short himself as “Azure Haze”, using a special Silver Haze mother and a Blueberry F4, a generation closer to the mother plant than the F5 used in the original cross. The strain became popular and made its name in the market in the last 10 years, due to its ease of cultivation, and in 2016 the actor and comedian Tommy Chong, one of the icons of the cannabis movement, launched his Blue Dream strain in the portfolio of the brand he takes its name, Chong’s Choice.

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