Choosing the perfect cannabis seed

Choosing the perfect cannabis seed

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One of the doubts surrounding the growers is the time to choose the perfect seed for the grow. The fear of wasting time and money on the wrong seed haunts growers all over the world. So, let’s clear up any doubts about this matter.

First, it is important to know a little about the biology of cannabis. In nature there are male plants and female plants, where females produce flowers, or even buds. While male plants contain pollen, which, when in contact with buds in development, cause them to produce seeds. You have probably heard somewhere that this pollination process should be avoided, when the intention is to achieve a large harvest. This is because seed-producing buds do not grow much or produce THC in large quantities. To better understand how and why this happens, access the post ” How to produce feminized seeds “. To circumvent this problem, the first tip is to use feminized seeds that, as the name already suggests, produce only female plants.

How to choose a healthy seed?

In addition to the feminized seed, there are other important factors in choosing which seed to use. One of them is the choice of healthy seeds, considering that many times the seed may not have been stored correctly, which results in the loss of its validity. To ensure that the seed will develop, there are 2 characteristics to be analyzed.

Color: A healthy cannabis seed will be dark in color, possibly dark brown, black or even bronze. Always avoid light colored or green seeds.

Hardness: the stronger the seed husk, the healthier it is.

Types of plants

You have already learned to recognize a healthy seed, so the next step is to choose the type of plant you want to grow. In nature there are several types of strains, divided into indica, sativa or hybrid. We will quickly explain the effects of each one, so you can choose the one that you like the most.

Cannabis indica produces smaller but broad shrubs and tends to reach maturity before sativa. The effect of this type of plant on the body is more relaxing than energetic. While cannabis sativa is the opposite: with tall, thin shrubs, its effect tends to be more energetic and creative.

Choosing the type of cannabis through seed

Now that you know the effect of each type of cannabis and have probably already chosen the one you like best, you still need to know that it is possible to identify the type of strain from the seed.

Cannabis indica seeds are usually larger and striped. Sativa seeds do not necessarily have a pattern and usually come in just one color. In addition, cannabis sativa seeds are smaller when compared to Indica.

Correct seed storage

Finally, after choosing and purchasing your seeds, it is necessary to store them correctly until the moment of planting. For this, always leave your seeds in a dark place, never exposing them to direct sunlight. Also, prevent them from having access to moisture, as this can cause them to germinate or even to rot. The temperature of the storage location is also important. Give preference to room temperature, without heat fluctuations, so as not to damage the seed. Following these rules, you will be able to store your seeds for years, without losing their quality.

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