TOP 10 2020: the best selling marijuana seeds

TOP 10 2020: the best selling marijuana seeds

#10. AK-48 Auto Feminized Nirvana

In tenth place on the list we have the fruit of the cross between AK 48 with Top 44 and Early Special. It is a robust and vigorous plant, easy to grow and with good yields. Its smell is very intense and it gives off a sweet and fruity aroma, with a physical and energetic effect. Outdoors it is normal for the plants to be over a meter high.

Nirvana is a seed bank that has spent more than 20 years traveling, searching and selecting marijuana seeds of the best varieties. Based in Haarlem, in the Netherlands, they have a large selection of hybrids where the most famous genetics are found.

#9. AMS Feminised Green House

AMS is a Swiss Sativa x Swiss Indica cross with a characteristic sweet taste and is ideal for humid climates due to its resistance to fungus.

The plants grow quite big outdoors and can be harvested up to 800 grams per plant. They are ready for harvest at the end of September.

Green House has always been able to satisfy the general public with stable varieties at popular prices and over the years it has managed to win over a trustworthy clientele with varieties as famous for their potency as Hawaian Snow or White Rhino.

#8. High Ryder Auto Super Big Feminized Xtreme Seeds

Since the Stich breeder started working with the Ruderalis from the Romanian-Hungarian border, the Super Cars have become a high performance option for the outdoor growing season. These plants with good growing conditions are capable of reaching heights of up to 2 meters.

High Ryder is a selection of auto-flowering Haze plants subsequently crossed by a variety from the now defunct Super Line Seeds bank. High Ryder is a beast growing, reaching in some cases 2.5 meters high with yields of up to 500 grams per plant. Vigor, abundant branching, marked Haze flavor, abundant resin and rapid flowering. This variety meets many of the requirements for outdoor growers.

00 Cheese Feminized 00 Seeds

#7. 00 Cheese Feminized 00 Seeds

 The original Cheese comes from the United Kingdom and is named for its spicy and acidic aroma reminiscent of highly cured cheeses. Its unique taste and strength soon made it a reference in Europe during the 1980s and today its demand has spread internationally. The dispute over its authorship is such that Big Buddha Seeds seed bank tried to register its name for private use when naming seeds recently.

00 Seeds has released a version of Cheese that is reminiscent of the old cheese flavour of the original cross and is extraordinarily aromatic. With good side branching and bud and resin production it is harvested outdoors in mid October and indoors after 60 – 70 days of flowering. Its effect is really relaxing.

#6. Critical Feminized Advanced Seeds

Just as Cheese is Skunk’s preferred cross in the UK, in the Iberian Peninsula we have our Critical. So famous that even the Green House seed bank has released its version under the name Super Critical.

By crossing Critical Mass x Brazilian x South Indica the Advanced Seeds seed bank offers us a big and branched out plant with a huge production of resinous and compact buds.

It is very aromatic and it is normal that when enjoying it in public some curious person always approaches to ask for it.

Critical brings together the best of Indica and Sativa genetics in an all-terrain hybrid.

#5. 00 Feminized Skunk 00 Seeds

00 Skunk is a selection of Old Skunk, the best Skunk crosses preserved since 1980. It produces vigorous and branched out plants in the shape of a fir, with large resin-covered buds that give off a unique aroma of citrus and incense. Outdoors it is harvested in late September and indoors it will be ready after about 50 – 55 days of flowering.

Skunk is a hybrid that has marked a before and after in the cultivation of cannabis. In the late 70’s a hybrid emerged that brought together Afghan, Mexican and Colombian genetics. Stabilised over generations, it is now the cornerstone of most of the catalogue of numerous seed banks.

#4. Auto Sweet Critical Feminized 00 Seeds

Autoflowering version of Sweet Critical, a Critical Mass of Swiss origin stabilized and feminized by 00 Seeds. Auto Sweet Critical is a medium height plant that can reach up to 140 cm outdoors. It is vigorous and produces a lot of buds and resin, giving off a sweet and fruity aroma.

It will be ready for harvest after about 65 – 70 days from germination, being normal to reach about 120 – 140 cm outdoors and about a meter indoors. Otherwise it is a powerful variety, with THC percentages that reach 19%.

#3. Auto White Widow Feminized 00 Seeds

There was a time at the beginning of the introduction of automatic varieties into the market when many growers who had experienced hundreds of harvests and countless germinations were disappointed by this type of plant. Auto White Widow is the example that this panorama has changed for the better during these years, up to the point in which many times it is difficult to distinguish the automatic varieties from the photoperiodic ones since their power and aroma are now comparable.

Auto White Widow has given a result of 17% of THC in laboratory tests, its cultivation is as simple as providing the minimum care to the plant and grows vigorously and quickly to produce huge and delicious snowy buds of resin. A delicacy to be enjoyed after 70 – 80 days from sowing.

#2. Auto Blueberry Feminized 00 Seeds

Auto version of the Blueberry selection made by the 00 Seeds seed bank. It has all the characteristics of the original in a compact and productive plant with high THC content. It stands out for its sweet taste of berries. It is ready for harvest after about 65 – 70 days from germination.

The original Blueberry was created by DJ Short during the 1980s from Thai and Mexican Sativa genetics and an acclimatised Afghani Indica from Oregon. From her selection and stabilization all varieties of the Blue family emerge.

#1. Auto Afghan Mass XXL Feminized 00 Seeds

The number one in sales this year has been the Afghan Mass XXL from 00 Seeds bank. This is the latest generation from a selection of the largest and most productive Auto Afghan Mass. This crossing keeps intact the flavor and power of the Afghan while strengthening the production of the Critical Mass parental. Once germinated it will be ready for harvest in about 75 – 80 days with plants that can reach 150 cm outdoors.

So far the annual report, we hope that if you have missed any variety or if you want to comment on this list contact us through the form or our regular social networks.

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